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Categories: Basketball Dribbling. Article Summary X. The easiest way to do a crossover is to fake the ball towards your dominant side. Step and lean towards that side, and focus on the defender’s midsection. Hesitate, stay low, and dribble the ball across your body to your other hand.

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  • What is a crossover in basketball?

  • This article has been viewed 452,936 times. Also known as an ankle-breaker, the crossover is a dribbling technique used to create space between yourself and a defender. It involves faking to one side and getting the defender to follow you before bouncing the ball back over to your other hand.

  • How do you Fake a crossover dribble in basketball?

  • After you have set up the defender and hesitated, fake a crossover dribble by bringing the ball to the center of your body. Your hand should roll from the outside of the ball, then to the top of the ball, and finally to the inside of the ball.

  • Is the crossover a good move in volleyball?

  • The crossover has been an effective move for players at all levels for decades, and will continue to be a staple for any ball handler who aims to attack the defense and make a play.

  • How do you do the Bounce move in basketball?

  • Since the move involves bouncing the ball in between you and the defender, you’ll want to make sure that you’re low to the ground and that you’re leading with the foot on your dominant side. [2] Basketball Coach Expert Interview. 9 March 2021.