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Bring the ball back up in a scooping motion and try to spin the ball into the basket. Dribbling two balls at one time helps players develop ball control. They can also become stronger at dribbling with their non-dominant hand. Players have more flexibility in a game when they can comfortably dribble with either hand.

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  • What is the best way to dribble a basketball?

  • The truth is, dribbling with the finger pads will give you the best control over the ball. When practicing dribbling, try to hit the ball with enough force. If you hit harder, the ball will hit the ground faster and return to you in no time.

  • How can I improve my hands for dribbling?

  • Squeeze a stress ball or tennis ball when you aren’t on the court. It will improve the strength in your hands and give you greater control while dribbling and shooting. Thanks! Dribble with TWO basketballs. Thanks! Know your basketball. A standard men’s basketball is 29.5 (inches in circumference), whereas a standard women’s basketball is 28.5.

  • How can I get better at basketball?

  • Without a doubt one of the ten ways to get better at basketball is to focus on being the best dribbler and ball handler that you can be. My son had this picture in the local paper as he worked on dribbling drills at a summer basketball camp.

  • How do I become a better dribbler?

  • Dribble constantly. Learn to ‘feel’ where the ball is at all times, have control over it, and be able to do anything you can with it. The more you practice your fundamentals, the better you’ll become. [6] Basketball Coach Expert Interview. 9 March 2021.