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Be it male or female players,a combination of a lot ofexercises,good genetics and a number of ingredientshelp the players to become taller than the average population. Basketball player鈥檚 height secrets. Professionals of the sport train over 6 hours a day and such intense physical activity helps the body grow efficiently from an early age.

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  • Why are basketball players often tall?

  • Basketball players are often tall due to their genes. Though they take many different ingredients and supplements that help them boost their height. Professionals of this sport put a great deal of time into training their bodies in order to promote their height and that is why basketball players are usually taller than other people.

  • How tall do NBA players have to be?

  • Nowadays, basketball is all about height and tall players. As the years are passing, the height requirement is also increasing. Most of the NBA players are more than 6鈥?鈥?tall. Earlier the average height of an NBA player was 6鈥?鈥?or 6鈥?鈥? but now it is 6鈥?鈥? The tallest NBA player is Gheorghe Muresan. This former Romanian NBA player is 7鈥?鈥?tall.

  • Do tall people have an advantage in sports?

  • But the truth is tall people have an advantage over shorter people in sports and especially basketball. If you take two players who have the same skill set and you have one player who is 3 inches taller then the other, you will find that the taller will have the job/position.

  • How high is the NBA hoop?

  • Since the NBA鈥檚 inception, the hoop has stood 10 feet above the floor. This height has proved perfect as players grow taller and more athletic. More NBA players than ever can dunk, but the league has embraced it. Each year, the NBA Roster Survey tries to find the average player height (although teams and players have been dishonest in the past).