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Nashville landed the Houston Oilers in 1997 and debuted the Predators in 1998,and was pursued by potential investors as the Grizzlies鈥?new home. Two decades later,the country鈥檚 28th-largest market doesn鈥檛 have an NBA teamand is rarely mentioned in expansion musings.

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  • Should the WNBA bring a team to Nashville?

  • For years, Nashville has continued to grow as both a tourist destination and a popular city to live in. If the WNBA is interested in tapping into a market in a part of the country where they haven鈥檛 had a team, this would be the perfect opportunity. Basketball fans know the history that resides in Tennessee, most notably at the college level.

  • Does the NBA belong in Memphis or Birmingham?

  • Birmingham: The NBA belongs in either Mississippi or Alabama. But the major cities are too small or spread out. I suppose Memphis and its northern Mississippi D-League team will have to do.

  • What are the best cities in Kentucky to have NBA teams?

  • Louisville is the biggest city in basketball-crazed Kentucky. Most importantly, it鈥檚 one of the bigger American cities without a Big Four pro sports team. This is an NBA sweet spot: It loves to have teams in mid-sized cities with no other pro sports.

  • How many teams are in the NBA?

  • The NBA has expanded from 11 to 30 teams in its existence. That number could potentially grow in the coming years. Several franchises have come and gone, moved and changed names.