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Members can also take advantage of our fitness center’s pool, saunas, hot tub, and basketball court. Those who want even more amenities can upgrade their memberships to access additional EōS locations and make the most out of our Recovery Room with massage beds.

Why choose eōs fitness?

EōS Fitness is not just a gym, but a place where you belong. From serious athletes, to those wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle or people looking to make a positive change, EōS Fitness provides a wide variety of amenities to take your fitness experience to the next level (whatever level that may be!). You’ve never been to a gym like this.

How many modalities does eōs offer?

With three uniquely crafted modalities, we cover the different types of training necessary to be truly FIT. EōS means serious fun for kids! Chock full of games, activities, jungle gyms, mini basketball courts and little movie theaters, our Kids’ Clubs welcome little ones ages 6 months to 12 years.

What can you do at MOV eōs cinema?

Hone your hoops skills with a little one-on-one or a pickup game on our indoor basketball court. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and most importantly you’ll sweat! Get your cardio and entertainment fix in our exclusive MOV EōS Cinema cardio room.