What does it mean when your hand is uncrossed?

For shooters with uncrossed hand and eye dominances, this would mean that the dominant eye was partially blocked. For shooters with crossed hand and eye dominances, this would mean that the non-dominant eye was partially blocked.

What did Keith do with his friend Robert?

Keith decided that there were too many variables involved in an investigation of hitting, but with his friend Robert, he decided that freethrow shooting in basketball offered a better situation for study. When shooting free throws in basketball, players often hold the ball up at face-level when preparing for the shot.

How to tell if you are left or right eye dominant?

Close your right eye. If the object remains in view, you are left eye dominant. If your hands appear to move off the object and move to the right, then you are right eye dominant. An alternative method is to assume the same position with your hands, and center the triangle around the object with both eyes open.

How to determine eye dominance?

To determine eye dominance, have the subject do the following: Extend both hands to arm’s length in front of you, and put your hands together to make a small triangle between your thumbs and the first knuckle on each hand (see Figure 1 below). The triangle should be roughly 2-3 cm on each side. Figure 1.

What did Keith learn about eye dominance?

When Keith learned about eye dominance, he wondered if there might be consequences for athletes. For example, if the dominant eye and the dominant hand were on opposite sides of the body (crossed hand-eye dominance), might that be an advantage in certain situations in sports. He first thought about hitting in baseball.

What is the nervous system?

The nervous system includes your brain, spinal cord, and a huge network of nerves that make electrical connections all over your body. Neurologists are the medical doctors who diagnose and treat problems with the nervous system. They work to restore health to an essential system in the body. Read more.

How many participants are needed for a dominating hand?

As in the experiment described above, it would be best to have at least 50-100 participants in your study, so you’ll need to test (or survey) a lot of players.

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