What are the top 10 colleges for men’s basketball?

Men’s college basketball rankings and top basketball colleges 1 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2 University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) 3 Stanford University 4 University of Michigan 5 University of Florida 6 University of Virginia 7 Princeton University 8 Duke University 9 University of California 10 Harvard University

Why do students go to D2 basketball?

Many student-athletes set their sights on competing at D2 basketball colleges because they offer a slightly less demanding schedule than D1 programs, allowing them to balance their passion and dedication for the sport with academics and extracurricular interests.

What is a D1 basketball?

D1 basketball colleges operate at the highest level of athletic competition. For high-school basketball players, this means competing against elite athletes, practicing at top athletic facilities and dedicating time, energy and effort to training in the off-season. Between a grueling practice schedule, traveling to games and competitions …

How many NCAA Division 1 basketball schools are there?

There are more than 350 NCAA Division 1 basketball colleges across the U.S. While there are many competitive opportunities at all division levels, many student-athletes are set on playing at one of these D1 basketball colleges, which are considered among some of the top men’s basketball colleges across the nation.

Do NAIA basketball schools have contact periods?

Additionally, while student-athletes interested in NAIA schools should register with the NAIA eligibility center, NAIA basketball schools do not have contact periods or recruiting rules, so student-athletes can contact coaches at any time and vice versa.

Why do junior colleges have basketball teams?

Junior colleges with basketball teams also provide a great opportunity not only for athletes who need to develop their athleticism , but also for athletes who need to improve their grades before being continuing their collegiate career at a high-caliber academic four-year school.

How many NCAA Division 3 colleges are there?

As well as being the NCAA’s largest men’s basketball division with 420 member colleges, Division 3 basketball colleges provide student-athletes with an added level of flexibility than those at the D1 or D2 levels. D3 programs—trainings, games and both in and off-season practices are typically built around an athlete’s academic schedule …

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