do you have to wear a mouthguard in basketball插图

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You should definitelywear a mouth guard when your playing basketball even if you have braces. There are mouth guards specifically for people with braces. A braces mouth guard protects the braces as well as the teeth, gums and jaw.

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  • Why do basketball players wear mouthguards?

  • Basketball players wear mouthguards to protect their teeth, lips, and gums. The primary purpose of a mouth guard is to prevent and reduce injury near the mouth and it鈥檚 commonly used in contact sports like basketball.

  • Can you wear a mouth guard for lower teeth?

  • Instead of wearing a full mouth guard that covers both the upper and lower teeth, players may choose to wear a smaller mouth guard that protects only their upper teeth. This may be more comfortable, but it won’t protect the mouth, lips and gums from getting cut or prevent damage to lower teeth.

  • Do dentists recommend mouthguard protection for contact sports?

  • A majority of general dentists (58%), orthodontists (81%), and pediatric dentists (76%) recommended mouthguard protection for the contact sport of basketball which presently is a non-mandated mouthguard sport .

  • Is it easy to run in a mouthguard?

  • It is easy to run in a mouthguard however, if you have not had experienced it before then there are a few steps which can ensure that you are used to playing with a mouthguard. Firstly. wear the mouthguard round the house so you are used to the feel of the mouthguard in your mouth.