do they sell alcohol at college basketball games插图

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During athletic events on campus, alcoholic beverages arenot permittedbecause of a university-wide alcohol policy. Premium ticket holders can purchase and consume alcohol in their suites during games. Can You Drink At The Ncaa Basketball Tournament?

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  • Do they sell alcohol at NCAA Football Championship games?

  • Countless other host sites of NCAA championships typically sell alcohol at other sporting events. The FCS football national championship in Frisco, Texas is played at Toyota Stadium, which even has craft beer flowing throughout the stadium otherwise.

  • Can you buy beer at Indiana University basketball games?

  • In April, athletics officials at the University of Illinois announced that beer will be sold beginning next season in the school’s football and basketball venues. Baseball and softball games are also expected to be able to sell alcohol. There is a two beer limit. Add Indiana University to the growing list of schools that sell alcohol.

  • Can you buy alcohol at Florida State Games?

  • FSU allows alcohol to be sold at the off-campus basketball arena and on-campus baseball field, but limits alcohol sales to a back porch area of the school’s on-campus football stadium. During baseball games, fans are limited to three beers per game and four during a doubleheader. No beers are to be sold after the sixth inning.

  • Does Syracuse University sell alcohol at its football games?

  • Syracuse allows alcohol sales at its on-campus stadium to fans in general seating areas. The University of Virginia’s alcohol and drug policy states that alcoholic beverages cannot be sold at any event sponsored by the university or on its property where underage students may be present.