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Low-top basketball shoes end very low on the ankle. Theydon鈥檛 provide much ankle support. Instead, they allow free movement of the ankle so you can move quickly on the court. This type of basketball shoe doesn鈥檛 do much to prevent ankle injuries.

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  • Do low top basketball shoes protect the ankle?

  • The problem was always the same 鈥?low top basketball shoes don鈥檛 protect the ankle. It is true that some of the players were wearing lows regardless of what people were saying. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Steve Nash, and Gilbert Arenas are just some of them, and these NBA players knew what they were doing.

  • What are the best shoes for ankle support?

  • D Rose 7 is the updated version of D Rose 6 from Adidas. The shoe has the high-top to support the ankle. As we recommended that high-top shoes are the ones that best fit ankle support. Because they provide extra coverage to keep the ankle protected without limiting the movements of the player.

  • Do high-top athletic shoes offer more ankle support?

  • On its surface, the idea that high-top athletic shoes offer more ankle support seems like the right one. Dr. Miniaci-Coxhead says the snug protection of high-top athletic shoes can certainly make your ankles feel more stable, but the real question is whether that extra support prevents ankle sprains.

  • Why do basketball players get ankle injuries?

  • The ankle injuries mostly occur because of inappropriate selection of basketball shoes and such injuries last for many months. So, you must carefully select your basketball shoes. The basketball shoes designed to support the ankle mostly come with a high-top construction.