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  • Can I install my own basketball court?

  • If having your own basketball court sounds like a luxury, get ready to pamper yourself. Thanks to VersaCourt鈥檚 do-it-yourself basketball court kits, you can install your own basketball court easily and affordably. Each kit includes court tiles with pre-painted game lines and instructions on how to assemble your game court

  • What do the outdoor basketball court kits come with?

  • The Outdoor Basketball Court Kits come with main court tiles and key tiles which are both different in color. If you’re looking to create game lines, please see our Game Line Paint Kits. I would like to order the 24×20 outdoor basketball kit. We would like to put the tiles on top of a gravel and stone dust base.

  • How big is the half court basketball court kit?

  • Be the envy of your neighborhood with our Half Court basketball court kit. With nearly 1,400 square feet of court surface, you can practice every element of your game or host games with as many as 10 players in the convenience of your backyard.

  • Can you put a basketball court on a concrete pad?

  • Description -Bring your local park basketball court home with our Outdoor Basketball Court Kits, available with and without pre-painted game lines. Easy to install and maintain, these basketball courts are available in several sizes to fit the most commonly sized backyard concrete pads.