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Are chain nets good for basketball?

Champion Sports Heavy Duty Chain Link Basketball Net Review: Chain nets can be a great alternative to regular nylon nets, and this is the best of this variety on the market. If you’ve ever used one, you’ll know of the particularly satisfying rattle of a chain net after swishing a long jumper.

What is the best type of basketball net to buy?

Companies developed high duty nylon nets now days and these are pretty durable. Chain – you are probably familiar with chain basketball net as you can find on most street courts. Metal offers durability and the best option for outdoors.

What are the disadvantages of using a basketball net?

These nets offer quality and being used in NBA speaks a lot about quality. They are used on indoor basketball goals most of the time. Simple and cheapest ones are not durable as they tend to shrink and fray, also rooting is becoming a problem if you use them in rainy locations.

What is a chain net?

Chain Nets: When you imagine of a game of street ball, or of a 15-year-old NBA hopeful shooting hoops on a concrete outdoor court until all hours of the early morning, it is likely your image contains a chain net. These types of nets are generally made of steel, which makes them particularly strong.