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  • Should you wear a jockstrap for sports?

  • Method 1 Wearing a Jock Strap for Sports. Wear a jockstrap for comfort and protection while playing sports. A jockstrap is recommended for any sport that requires running, such as track and field or basketball. For contact sports or sports involving fast-moving balls, a cup is also recommended.

  • What is the difference between protective cups and jockstraps?

  • Protective cups and jockstraps are two separate entities, although those who wear cups also wear a jockstrap to keep the cup in place. Protective cups consist of a hard outer shell lined with padding that protects a male athlete’s groin area.

  • What are the different types of jockstraps?

  • Fashion jockstraps come in a variety of shapes, including snug, contour and natural. Some even come with plastic cups for 鈥渁esthetic enhancement.鈥?Pick your brand. 35% of men say they buy their underwear in order to show off the brand peeking out from the waist of their pants.

  • How tight should a jock strap be?

  • The jockstrap should be tight enough to lift and hold the penis and testicles close to the body, out of the way during movement. but not too tight, as chafing can contribute to jock itch. Decide if you will be wearing a cup. A cup is a hard molded piece of plastic or metal that fits inside of a pouch in the jock strap.