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NBA players earn the most of all major American sports leagues. Part of this has to do with the exploding global popularity of NBA basketball, but the large salaries in basketball are mainly because the number of players on a team is much less than the number of players on a professional football, baseball or soccer team.

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  • Do NBA players make more money than NFL players?

  • NFL players get twice as much total money as NBA players, but that money is spread over almost four times as many athletes. There are 32 NFL teams with 53 roster spots each, making for 1,696 NFL players at any given moment.

  • Why is football so much better than basketball?

  • Even if you want to get a bit deeper (man to man vs. zone defense, the details of guard vs. forward, etc.) on the basketball side, the football’s deep ends are much deeper. (Nickel vs. dime defense, run-heavy offense vs. pass-heavy offense). The fact that there are 22 players on the field vs. 10 players on the court also helps.

  • What is the difference between the NBA and the NFL?

  • The NBA player pool is much smaller. In the NFL, there are short athletes and tall athletes, fast athletes and slow athletes, svelte athletes and rotund athletes, quick athletes and strong athletes. Most if not all NFL players are incredible athletes in some fashion, at the so-called skill positions and on the lines.

  • How many players on an NFL basketball team?

  • (Many NBA teams carry just 13 or 14 players, as well. NFL teams do not typically go under 53.) Basic math bears out how important this basic fact is to the issue at hand.