Basketball rules in short form: This is particularly important?

Due to its complex rules, basketball for beginners is not so easy to understand.The following list contains the most important terms.Basketball rules:

Technical Personal Fouls?

This is the end of our short form of basketball rules and we will start with the fouls just mentioned.Many beginners are not aware of the boundaries between harmless body contact and too much of a good thing.Plus the technical fouls that can be committed in the game of basketball.

The basketball time rules?

That a regular game lasts 40 minutes (4 x 10), we already mentioned in the above short version.Now let’s talk specifically about the seconds and minutes rule, which all players must abide by.Basketball rules:


In case of a violation of the time rules, the referee usually blows the whistle and the defending team gets the ball.A throw-in is taken from the sideline.Basketball rules:


The positions of the players are fixed in basketball.This is based on the different limitations.Small players are faster and more agile.Tall players are better suited for defense.That is why the five positions are almost always occupied by the smallest player on the 1 and the biggest player on the 5.

The basketball switching rules?

A team consists of ten or twelve players, depending on the basketball rules.Only five of them may participate in the game at the same time.All the others wait on the bench as substitutes.Substitutes are used in case a teammate gets injured on the court.

Frequently asked questions about basketball rules?

Firstly, we have explained the most important terms and rules directly after the introduction (see above).Secondly, we have found a PDF document with the simplified basketball rules at the German Basketball Federation.
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