can you use basketball shoes for running插图

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If you go for a short run under 3 miles a few times a week,you won鈥檛 have any problems using basketball shoes for running. But if you鈥檙e thinking seriously about running and plan to make it your primary sports activity,you should probably buy running shoes right now.

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  • Is it bad to run in basketball shoes?

  • Running a few miles one time in your basketball shoes is unlikely to cause permanent harm. But making a habit of running in basketball shoes can slow you down, negatively affect your form and even cause injury. Running shoes are built for forward movement.

  • Are basketball shoes good for your ankles?

  • Running in basketball shoes can be somehow beneficial for ankle health if you鈥檙e back to running after a long time. Just think about what the basketball shoe offers; great support and ankle stability, as well as strong traction.

  • Can you wear basketball shoes for outdoor sports?

  • Basketball shoes tend to be heavier than badminton shoes, which may hinder your game, but they can be worn. Road running would be considered an outdoor sport. Soccer is considered an outdoors sports, although you do get specialist soccer boots which can ONLY be worn for soccer.

  • Can you run and play basketball with the same shoes?

  • Ultimately, if you want to both run and play basketball with the same shoes, you should opt for a cross-trainer. Running shoes tend to be lightweight and made of thin material. They’re designed to cushion the foot when hitting the floor but to be as as flexible as possible.