can you take a basketball on a plane插图

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According to TSA,Yesyou can bring an inflated basketball onto an airplane as long as it does not exceed the dimensions of a carryon for that airline. Your only issue will be that the basketball may be an awkward item to pack in your carryon. There are many ways you could pack and secure a basketball on your carryon or suitcase.

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  • Should you take the air out of a basketball?

  • While you will need your basketball to be inflated to play with, several reasons might account for wanting to take the air out of the ball. You should deflate your ball if you want to store it for the winter or fit it in a suitcase to travel, or you might want to just take out a small amount of air if the ball is over-inflated.

  • Can I take my sports equipment on board the plane?

  • This is the case for most sports equipment, including tennis rackets, walking sticks or crampons. All these objects are not allowed to come in the cabin with you. The only exception is a sports parachute, which is allowed on board.

  • Can you bring a self defense weapon on a plane?

  • Traveling with Self Defense Items in Your Carry-on According to airplane carry-on luggage rules, any object that could be used as a weapon or imitates a weapon would not be permitted in your cabin luggage. This includes firearms, rifles, BB guns, nerf guns or their ammunition, among others. You could have these in your checked luggage, however.

  • What happens if you bring something you can鈥檛 take on the plane?

  • If you arrive at check-in with an item that you can鈥檛 take on the plane, you can normally put it in your hold baggage (assuming it鈥檚 allowed in the hold). If it鈥檚 an item that is not allowed on the aircraft at all, it will normally be confiscated at check-in before you board.