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Can you playbasketballif youhavescoliosis? As scoliosismeans there is an abnormal sideways curvature to the spine, we don鈥檛 want patients to participate in sports or activities that exaggerate this deformity and the asymmetry that it causes. Sports that work the muscles evenly on both sides of the spine are ideal.

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  • Can playing sports cause scoliosis?

  • While playing sports doesn鈥檛 cause scoliosis, certain repetitive or high-risk activities can exacerbate the problem. There are some types of exercise all kids with scoliosis should avoid, while certain sports aren鈥檛 recommended for certain types of curves.

  • What are some examples of scoliosis and not being a good fit?

  • This is an example of scoliosis and sports not being a good fit. Football is a high-contact sport even when it’s played safely, so it can result in traumatic body and spine injuries. Traumatic sports like football put significant stress on your child’s spine.

  • Is it safe for a child with scoliosis to exercise?

  • 鈥淢ost studies support physical activity for patients with scoliosis,鈥?says the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. Sports are generally safe for kids with scoliosis 鈥?as long as they are careful about limiting activities that place undue stress on the spine. Some exercises are particularly beneficial.

  • What is the best exercise for scoliosis?

  • In general, low-impact activities that don鈥檛 jar the spine are safest, and burst training鈥攕hort-term, high-intensity exercise鈥攊s usually recommended over endurance training. For those with scoliosis, sports to play that help support the spine include: Swimming.