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What happens if you play basketball with a broken finger? Athletes with fractured fingerscan expect to wear a splint or cast to immobilize their finger for one to four weeks. This may be followed by two weeks of limited exercise.

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  • What happens when a basketball hits your finger?

  • Jammed Finger – When a basketball hits the finger head on while the finger is fully extended, collateral finger ligaments can tear or rupture, usually at the middle knuckle joint of a finger (PIP joint).

  • Do you have a dislocated finger?

  • Buoy Chat Icon. Finger dislocation occurs when the bones of the finger are moved from their normal position; most often in the middle knuckle of the little, ring, middle, or index finger. Use our free symptom checker to find out if you have dislocated finger.

  • What is a dorsal dislocation of the hand?

  • Dorsal dislocation: A dorsal dislocation occurs if the joint is dislocated toward the back of the hand. This would occur if the finger was hyperextended and bent too far backward. A dorsal dislocation of the proximal interphalangeal joint is the most common finger dislocation.

  • How long do you need a splint for a dislocated finger?

  • Dorsal dislocation of the middle joint of the finger requires splinting for about three to five days. Dorsal dislocation of the joint closest to the tip of the finger necessitates a splint for two to three weeks. A volar dislocation of the middle joint requires a splint for about four weeks.