can you play basketball while pregnant插图

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Yes,basketball can be safe to play in the first trimester of your pregnancy. Exercise is encouraged as this promotes good health for you and the fetus. Other benefits may include an increase in energy and mood.

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  • Can I play sports while pregnant?

  • Soccer, basketball, volleyball, and hockey put you at a high risk of abdominal injury from a ball or puck, a collision with another player, or a fall during play. And sports that require sudden starts and stops make it more difficult to keep your balance, especially as your pregnancy progresses.

  • What are the benefits of doing sport and exercise during pregnancy?

  • Benefits of doing sport and exercise. If you are healthy and have an uncomplicated pregnancy, playing sport can help you stay fitter and stronger, prevent excess weight gain and make you feel better mentally. It may also allow you to have a shorter birth and fewer complications. Regular exercise also lowers your risk of heart disease,…

  • Is it safe to go skiing during pregnancy?

  • A high-speed tumble could result in very serious damage to your baby’s development, so downhill skiing is not a good activity while pregnant. Healthy alternative: Cross-country skiing is perfectly pregnancy-safe. Many gymnastic events put women at risk of falling and hurting themselves, or their babies, and should be avoided during pregnancy.

  • What are the benefits of playing basketball for kids?

  • By playing basketball, you get an excellent full-body workout. This helps in the development of lean muscle. It can help develop your lower back, neck, deltoids, traps and core muscles.