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  • Should you play NBA fantasy drafts?

  • Playing fantasy drafts will give a new feel to the game by seeing NBA stars get scattered or get formed. It may be faster to swap those players yourself but the randomness especially in the draft is what makes it fun and fresh.

  • What is the Best Fantasy Sports app for iOS?

  • Voted the Best Fantasy Sports App, Best Season Long Fantasy Sports Game, the Best Daily Fantasy Sports Game by the Fantasy Sports Gaming Association, Yahoo Fantasy Sports has you covered every day, year-round. The Yahoo Fantasy Sports App is your one place stop to play, draft, manage all of your fantasy leagues contests.

  • What is a fantasy draft?

  • What is a Fantasy Draft? A fantasy draft allows players to start a league where all NBA or WBA (depending on your settings) players are drafted onto each team at the beginning of the season. As you can imagine, the possibilities of who will be on which team are almost infinite.

  • Can I draft my whole team from the app?

  • Whether it be your Fantasy Football, Fantasy Hockey, or Fantasy Basketball league, you never need to miss a draft again as you can draft your whole team from the app. With Draft Together, you can talk to your friends with built in video chat