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There are a few different options for bets you can make on Women鈥檚 College Basketball. Point spreads: A number put on a game that your team needs to win by or keep within. For instance,Connecticut might be a -5 favorite against Tennessee. If you bet Tennessee,you need that final margin to be less than five to win the bet.

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  • Is betting on Women鈥檚 college basketball a good idea?

  • With the growth of the game, the betting on women鈥檚 college basketball is also better than ever. There are more lines on more games than ever before and this is a great time to get into betting on it. It鈥檚 no longer just about the tournament, although betting on the tournament is still the best time of year to be a fan.

  • Who are the favorites to win the NCAA Women’s tournament?

  • At WynnBET Sportsbook, the South Carolina Gamecocks are the favorites at +175 odds to win the women’s tournament. They have put together a truly impressive year and have lost just one game, a 70-69 overtime stunner to Missouri.

  • Who are the favorites to win the 2022 NCAA Basketball Tournament?

  • The South Carolina Gamecocks are the current favorites to win the National Title. / Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports While we approach the final week of the 2022 NCAA men’s basketball regular season, the action is heating up on the women’s side as the picture becomes more clear of who the oddsmakers are checking in on ahead of the NCAA Tournament.

  • Why is women鈥檚 college basketball so popular?

  • The play in women鈥檚 college basketball is what a lot of people think men鈥檚 basketball is. It鈥檚 team based, it鈥檚 defense and fundamentals. The players rarely leave early and the teams really grow and gel together. It鈥檚 a beautiful game and is growing every year.