can able bodied play wheelchair basketball插图

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鈥淚t鈥檚not possibleto play wheelchair basketball or baseball with the able-bodied, because the able-bodied person may get injured by the chair,鈥?she said. 鈥淏ut tennis lets the able-bodied and wheelchair players compete against each other or even be teammates in mixed doubles.鈥?Tennis offers many benefits to participants.

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  • What is wheelchair basketball?

  • Wheelchair basketball: It’s a fast, skillful game, dazzling to watch, grueling to play. It’s also a sport that in Canada has become one of the most inclusive, welcoming athletes with disability and able-bodied athletes alike to its leagues and teams.

  • What is it like to play in a Canadian wheelchair basketball tournament?

  • It can be jarring, upon attending the average Canadian wheelchair basketball tournament, to see many of the athletes up and walking around without any sign of disability. Canada has a lengthy history of able-bodied athletes鈥攁ffectionately (or, sometimes not so affectionately) known as ABs鈥攃ompeting in the highest levels of domestic competition.

  • What is reverse integration in wheelchair basketball?

  • Synopsis: Reverse integration in wheelchair basketball is where able-bodied athletes join athletes with disability to play competitive sport on one team. A University of Alberta study has found that women wheelchair basketball athletes say the inclusion of able-bodied athletes on the team had many different types of advantages.

  • What does true competition mean to wheelchair players?

  • Nong, a former captain of the University of Illinois men鈥檚 wheelchair basketball team and professional player in France, works with Wallace and subscribes to the idea that true competition means more than whether someone happens to have a disability.