can a short person play basketball插图

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Shorter players typically play aguard positionand are responsible for advancing the basketball up and down the floor. Continuous dribbling drills to develop your ballhandling skills will make you an indispensable part of your team, as big men typically can’t dribble the basketball as well.

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  • Can a short person shoot in basketball?

  • This is exactly the reason why if you are a short individual, you may consider getting into shooting as a form of sport. Despite not being blessed with a lot of inches like some of the tallest NBA players out there, it鈥檚 still very much possible for you to be a fantastic shooter.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a short basketball player?

  • The speed and quickness as well as the ability to to shoot better than big men is all advantages mixed in there are the obvious disadvantages of being a shorter player such as further from the basket shorter arm span and cant play 鈥淎bove the rim鈥?

  • Why don鈥檛 short people play in the NBA?

  • Some of them are those who are not blessed with a statuesque height just like most athletes, in particular those who play in the NBA where the average height of players these days is 6鈥?鈥? That is why short adults who grew up unhappy with their height simply focused on having careers that have nothing to do with sports.

  • How tall do you have to be to play basketball?

  • The majority of basketball players have a height above six and a half feet. There is a general image of basketball that a game should be played above the rim. It means that the players must be able to reach above the rim to score. There is no need to get frustrated if you are a basketball player with a short height.