are nike air max good for basketball插图

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Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team first version backpack certainly belongs to atop-tier class of basketball backpacks on the market. This spot is deserved with excellent build quality, beautiful design and by offering plenty of storage space. There is plenty of space for your gear and you can easily fit both shoes and basketball with room to spare.

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  • What makes Nike Air Max so special?

  • But, Air Max uses Cushion, which is the most premium and comfortable foam of Nike. Upper of the shoe is a mixture of Air Max, Mesh and Rubber Sole. The shoe is very breathable because of the heel Air Max unit. It is very durable. Lace closure of the shoe gives a good fit. The retro design of the shoe gives an appealing look.

  • What basketball shoes have Air Max cushioning?

  • Popularized by Charles Barkley and Michigan鈥檚 Fab Five, the Nike Air Force Max was the first basketball model to use visible Air Max cushioning. With a forefoot strap providing lockdown fit and the Air Max bubble for impact protection, these were a big man鈥檚 dream shoe.

  • What is the Nike Air Max III?

  • Nike reached back to the 90鈥檚 and resurrected what was originally called the Nike Air Max III. They have kept the basic feel and style, but in wanting to do their fans justice they upgraded the functionality to provide added quality to already good running shoes.

  • Are Nike Air Max 90s good for walking?

  • It is a durable shoe however that will spare putting extra pressure on joints during long walks and jogs. Many relate the extra cushiony feel to walking on a cloud. Part of the comfort the Air Max 90 brings, stems from it being able to provide a good source of support.