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According to reports, the LeBron signatures shoes are thebest-selling basketball shoes, only after Michael Jordan shoes. It鈥檚 easy to easy why the LeBron James sneakers enjoy such explosive popularity鈥?First, all his shoes come with unique technology which helps take their performance to a level no other basketball shoe has ever been to.

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  • What kind of Shoes does LeBron wear?

  • NIKE Men’s Lebron 15 Basketball Shoes NIKE Men’s Lebron 15 is a high-top basketball shoe released in March 2018. It was designed by one of Nike鈥檚 expert designers, Jason Petrie, with the aim of meeting the gaming needs of a quick, powerful, and huge player like LeBron James.

  • What are the best basketball shoes for men?

  • Nike LeBron Soldier XI 897644-601 Men’s Basketball Shoes Opening our list is the Nike LeBron Soldier XI 897644-601, a basketball sneaker specially designed for male basketball players. As you can easily tell from its name, this sneaker comes as the 11th installment from the Zoom soldier series by LeBron and Nike company.

  • Why are LeBron James鈥?basketball shoes so popular?

  • LeBron James himself has admitted in the previous interviews that when designing his shoes, Nike also focuses on style. This is geared towards making his shoes look attractive to the eye. And it鈥檚 for this reason that the LeBron basketball shoes are won not only when playing the hoops game but also for fashion reasons.

  • How much do LeBrons for basketball cost?

  • This price can go as high as $500, depending on the materials and technologies incorporated into the shoe. Choosing the best lebrons for basketball shouldn鈥檛 be a hard task for you given that all these shoes are made with quality materials and Nike鈥檚 premium technology for excellent performance.