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Also, are Kyrie 4 good for basketball? The Kyrie 4 is one of Nike’s best-performing signature shoes thatworks well at all positions. The Kyrie 4 is a phenomenal addition to the Kyrie line. It comes with improved cushioning and materials, great fit and support.

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  • Which is better Nike Kyrie 4 or Nike flytrap?

  • Nike Kyrie 4 vs. Nike Kyrie Flytrap – Traction Advantage: Nike Kyrie 4. Traction is the one area where the Kyrie 4 and Flytrap share the most similarities, and it鈥檚 a positive point for both shoes. But despite using a very similar traction pattern, the Kyrie 4 edges out the Flytrap thanks to its level of refinement.

  • Should I get Kyrie 5 or Kyrie 7?

  • The perfect shoe for players of every position who want a premium experience. The PG 5 is a great all-around performer and a nice upgrade over the PG 4. Works best for players that prefer a minimal, lightweight, and responsive shoe no matter what position they play. The Kyrie 7 is an upgrade over the 6 with aesthetics to match.

  • What kind of Shoes does Kyrie 4 wear?

  • Kyrie 4. A new Flex Groove delivers excellent flexibility and traction to help you find your groove. The Flex Groove outsole has a zigzag cutout along the bottom for excellent flexibility and traction. Lightweight foam with Nike Zoom Air in the heel provides soft comfort and a responsive feel.

  • Is the Kyrie 4鈥檚 outsole really aggressive?

  • The Kyrie 4鈥榮 outsole is equipped with the multi-directional herringbone pattern, which straight off the bat does look particularly aggressive as any other version of the Kyrie line. And although they kept that famous aggressive look, the on court performance wasn鈥檛 so aggressive.