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The Jordan 11 is the shoe MJ wore during one of the best seasons of his career as he led the Bulls to a 72-10 record and the 1996 NBA title in the most aesthetically pleasing pair of shoes ever. DeAntae Prince is a content editor for the Chicago Tribune sports staff.

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  • Are Jordan 11s good for casual wear?

  • Whether you鈥檙e looking for Jordan 11 men鈥檚 sneakers or Jordan 11 women鈥檚 basketball shoes, these ultra-stylish kicks are fresh to death, loaded with innovative sneaker technology and perfect for fashion-forward casual wearers and hardcore ballers. Ever wondered what Michael Jordan鈥檚 favorite shoe is?

  • Where can I buy Jordan 11 basketball shoes?

  • There are plenty from which to choose, after all. But we鈥檒l give you a hint: It鈥檚 the Jordan 11. At Hibbett | City Gear, on top of having the best and widest selection of Jordan sneakers, we鈥檝e got all the information about Jordan 11 basketball shoes. Shop for your pair today in-store or online at Hibbett | City Gear.

  • What are the most exclusive basketball shoes in basketball?

  • Created to commemorate the Jordan Tokyo 23 Basketball Tournament, the Air Jordan V Tokyo T23 is almost impossible to find outside of Japan. As such, this boldly colored shoe, which was initially released in 2011, is highly coveted and very exclusive. 11. Air Jordan IV Fire Red

  • How to tell if Nike Air Jordan 11s are real?

  • The iconic Michael Jordan 鈥淛umpman鈥?logo is an easy test as well: Authentic Nike Air Jordan 11s will have a band of fabric across the top of the tongue of the shoe with the Jumpman Jordan centered and neatly embroidered. The color of the jump man should match the color styling and color combination of the shoe itself. 7.