are high top basketball shoes better插图

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No scientific study has yet precisely confirmed that the high top basketball shoes are somehow betterthan low-tops. We even have a reason to believe that it鈥檚 the other way around. High-tops ruled for a long time, but who cares.

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  • Why do basketball players wear high top shoes?

  • Almost fifty years ago, when Adidas presented Top Tens, the basketball world started to believe that there can鈥檛 be any other shoe for basketball than a high top shoe. Of course 鈥?because of the better ankle protection.

  • What are the benefits of high-tops for basketball?

  • Unlike a traditional running shoe, high-tops have extra support around the ankle. The rear of the shoe extends up above the ankle bone, with the extra lacing helping to keep the ankle joint stable. Basketball requires almost constant running and jumping.

  • Do high-top basketball shoes prevent ankle injuries?

  • The resulting forces are so high that no high-top could stop a sprain. There’s no evidence that different types of basketball shoes prevent ankle injuries, said Jay Hertel, a professor of athletic training at the University of Virginia. In general, study results are mixed.

  • What are the best basketball shoes for high heels?

  • The Under Armour Men鈥檚 Curry 5 Basketball Shoes are available in various colors. The shoe shaft is more on stabilization with carbon fiber and is high enough to have good heel support. Its height is the same for the ankle, and the internal padding provides comfort while playing with lots of turns and twists.