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While some newer basketballs come with an internal pump that inflates and deflates the ball, most balls require a separate pump. The most common and readily available pump for sports balls is thehand pump. While it鈥檚 a slower method, the hand pump will get the job done — with the help of some arm muscle.

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  • How to use a hand pump to pump up a basketball?

  • Go to the basketball court and ask around, some people carry a small hand pump with them in their bag. 1- With the needle from the pump, you will only need the needle so you may have to unscrew it from the pump itself. Lubricate the needle and apply pressure to the valve until the needle goes through.

  • How do you put air in a basketball without a pump?

  • Secure the needle for the ball into the air socket of the basketball. Screw on a tubeless tire valve stem to the needle. Attach a CO2 cartridge to the valve stem. You may need to use a tube to attach the two. Loosen the CO2 valve to release the compressed CO2 into the basketball.

  • How to inflate a basketball with an air valve?

  • Attach the fat round end of the inflation needle to the opening of the pump by using the threads to screw it on. If there is a hose that goes with it attach the hose to the pump and then the inflation needle to the hose. Grab your basketball that needs to be inflated and find the air valve hole, its usually black in color.

  • How do you inflate a basketball with a needle?

  • To inflate a basketball, all you’ll need is an air pump and a ball needle. First, attach the ball needle to the pump, and moisten it with some water. Then, stick the needle into the hole in the ball, which will look like a little black circle. Once the needle is inserted, start pumping your ball.